The official website for the iRideUTA App.

Help you get there. Peace of mind.

Show the real time locations of Utah Transit Authority's Buses, Trax, and FrontRunner vehicles. Search for the route you want and track all its vehicles. Zoom in and follow each vehicle as they make is way through their routes. Know its speed, direction and location all in real time.

Really nice on the cold subzero days, when your debating to get out of the car, leave the office or your home. Check to see how close it is and stay warm, enjoy those few extra minutes, with the comfort of knowing where the bus or train is, and your not going to miss it. When everyone else is wondering, "Where is it?", you know its right around the corner.

Map view of a FrontRunner train going south


Pull to refresh. Keep up to date.

Routes and stops can now be updated with a simple pull to refresh.

Things are always changing, and its nice to know that what you have is the latest and greatest information when you are in a hurry.

Favorites. Quickly find what you need.

Mark your routes as a favorite, and return to them anytime.

Really nice when your in a crunch and need to know if you need to run, or if you ride only certain routes each day.



Clean and Elegant. The power of iOS 8.

Newly redesigned interface takes full use of the clean lines and colors of modern iOS design. New settings and about pages provides better controls and information about iRideUTA. Built for performance, leveraging multithreading and Core Data, it runs fast and smooth.

When an app is smooth and elegant its pleasing and fun to use. If your going to stare at it waiting for the train, it might as well be worth staring at.

Many more exciting features coming! Working on getting schedules and a few other fun features as fast as I can get them to you. Thank you for all your support.